The online store provides the following payment methods, which are selected upon completion of the order:


Transactions at are secure! Transactions with us are secure because we use SSL encrypted and secure Paypal electronic credit card payment systems. Credit card details are entered directly into Paypal systems and are not accessible from the Paypal payment systems are one of the most secure electronic systems in the world, with high certifications and security checks.


1. Payment via PayPal (TEMPORARY OFF). Selecting PayPal as your payment method automatically takes you to the PayPal page to complete the transaction and pay for the order. PayPal is the most well-known, secure and reliable intermediary for Online transactions. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up using your debit or credit card. Transactions made through PayPal are governed by the Terms & Conditions of the PayPal service. More information here.


2. Payment by Credit or Debit Card. Our online store accepts all Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club credit cards through the Paypal payment system. Your transactions in our online store are protected by top online security systems.


For purchases with your credit card, you first choose Paypal as your payment method and then you choose to pay by Credit or Debit Card.


3. Payment upon receipt of the order at your place (cash on delivery) “hongo_feature_content =” The order can be paid by cash on delivery (cash only) to the courier upon receipt of the parcel, with an additional charge of 2 €.

* For purchases worth more than € 300 cash on delivery is not possible, please use a different payment method.


4. Payment by bank deposit / transfer. You can choose to pay by deposit / transfer to the following bank account:



BANK ACCOUNT: 261148061068

IBAN: GR0701712610006261148061068



National Bank

BANK ACCOUNT: 78400690000

IBAN: GR8601107840000078400690000


In the reason for deposit, please fill in the order number and your name. Your order will be on hold and will be processed when we confirm that the amount has been deposited.


4. Payment by bank deposit / transfer. If the transfer is made from another bank, it usually takes up to 3 working days for the payment to appear. If the transfer is made by the same bank, the payment is displayed the next business day. Any bank charges that arise, are charged to the customer.


To facilitate the process, please send us the copy of the deposit in which you must have stated the order number and your name, to the email address In case of no deposit within 10 working days your order will be canceled.


* For purchases worth more than € 300, payment by credit card, paypal or bank deposit is mandatory.


** In case you need an invoice or are interested in wholesale of large quantities, please contact us by email at